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Sarah is now a survivor of breast cancer! She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, when Peter was working there, and she, Peter and his brother and sister-in-law are meeting in Ethiopia in November, 2015. Should be a great experience.

Sarah and Rod's son, Harry, Peter's first grandchild, was born in Sydney on 5 September, 1999, and their daughter, Georgia, was born on 17 March, 2002

Sarah, Rod and Harry, 25.7K jpg

Sarah, Rod and Harry

Harry, 16.9K jpg

Harry, very new.

Harry, 23K gif

Harry in 2003, on our local steam railway.

Harry, 6 months, 13.7K jpg

Harry, aged six months, on his first visit to England.

4 generations, 13.5K jpg

Four generations. Harry, Sarah, Peter and Peter's Mother, who lived in a nursing home near Peter and Anne until her death in 2003.

Georgia and Cecilia, 136K jpg

Sarah, Harry and Georgia (and Cecilia), early 2004