Page last updated on Saturday, 29 December 2012

This page will develop a lot though, I have got very behind-hand in updating it. My project for 2013 is to put a lot more here.

For starters here is Freya, aged 9 days, and Cecilia, a shade over 33! Freya should have a speech bubble, saying "I'm stodged, and now I've got the hiccups"

Freya 2, 50K jpg

And here she is, aged just over two months, with David, who is full of Christmas dinner!

Freya 1, 36K jpg

And here she is at Druidstone, Pembrokeshire, at the memorial bench to Anne. Her ashes are scattered in the surrounding gorse bushes and wild flowers, and the view is over St Bride's Bay.

Freya_3, 64K jpg