Ben and Alba's Visit, July 2008

Ben and Alba visited us in July, 2008. They came with us on the local steam railway, and to the arboretum at Westonbirt, where the we have sponsored trees for the four grandchildren, and also for Anne.

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[image 1/1/jpg]

Westonbirt 1
[image 2/13/jpg]

Westonbirt 2
[image 3/2/jpg]

Westonbirt 3
[image 4/3/jpg]

Westonbirt 4
[image 5/4/jpg]

Westonbirt 5
[image 6/6/jpg]

Westonbirt 6
[image 7/alba 006/jpg]

Westonbirt 7
[image 8/5/jpg]

Westonbirt 8
[image 9/7/jpg]

Westonbirt 9
[image 10/8/jpg]

Westonbirt 10
[image 11/9/jpg]

Westonbirt 11
[image 12/10/jpg]

At home
[image 13/11/jpg]

The train 1
[image 14/15/jpg]

The train 2
[image 15/22/jpg]

The train 3
[image 16/19/jpg]

The train 4
[image 17/20/jpg]

The train 5
[image 18/21/jpg]

The train 6
[image 19/16/jpg]

The train 7
[image 20/12/jpg]

The train 8
[image 21/17/jpg]

The train 9
[image 22/18/jpg]

The train 10
[image 23/14/jpg]

And finally ...
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